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Loving Lately: White Oak Furniture

I love a home that is light, bright, and inspires calm, and I'm always working towards having my personal style reflect that. I have been really loving the look of white oak furniture lately, as it can really brighten up a space while still providing warmth and structure. It can fit into a range of styles, such as Scandinavian, mediterranean, modern, mid-century, coastal, or traditional. I love when it is mixed with white walls, white ceramics, neutral linens, natural light, live plants, and light wood floors.

Below are some of my favorite pieces I've come across recently. Some we have in our house (the Seno Table and the Lovell Chair), some are on my wish list, and some I just think are beautiful. A list of the other pieces in our home can be found here.

1. Avers Dining Table from Hedge House Furniture // 2. Modern Dining Table from Abdo Builds // 3. Dining Table from Klein Agency // 4. Seno Table from Article // 5. Lovell Chair from Anthropologie // 6. Wishbone Chair from MANU // 7. Soft Edge Side Chair from HAY // 8. Esse Stools from Article // 9. Hayward Bookcase from Hedge House Furniture // 10. Coffee Table from Designed with Purpose // 11. Side Table from Jenni Kayne // 12. Round Side Table from Lathrisk Woodcraft // 13. Modern Side Table from Abdo Builds // 14. Avers Dresser from Hedge House Furniture // 15. Oswego Bed from Hedge House Furniture // 16. Wood Frame from Tuft & Needle


This post is not sponsored or in partnership with any of the aforementioned brands, and there are no affiliate links included. All opinions are my own.



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