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Holiday Gift Guide 2022

I really enjoy giving gifts around the holidays, however I always try to gift things I'm certain someone would love, which can sometimes be tricky. Below I've laid out some of my favorite places to shop for gifts, some of the items I've been gifted over the years and have really loved, as well as some sweet and simple DIY, thrifted, and edible gift ideas for those hard-to-shop-for folks.

Sarah's Picks

Most of these items I already own, and a few are on my wishlist this year. All are great, simple examples of items that many people would enjoy.

Recommended Shops

Curated + Timeless

The shops listed below are great because they have a wide variety of goods that meet high standards of quality, form, and function. If you need a one-stop shop for gift ideas, I recommend checking them out. They all have a mix of holiday-specific as well as every day goods.

Handmade Ceramics

Ceramics get their own category because they make such beautiful, special gifts. These artists make heirloom-quality pieces that would make beautiful additions to your or a loved one's home.

Vintage Goods

Below are some of my very favorite shops for sourcing gifts (for others and myself). This doesn't include all of the amazing shops who sell on Instagram - my favorites can be found in the "Recent Faves" highlight on my Instagram profile.

DIY + Thrifted Ideas

I love giving small yet meaningful gifts around the holidays, especially for folks who are hard to shop for or if I need something small and simple to bring to a get-together. Below are some fun and affordable gift ideas that you can find secondhand or make yourself.

1. Handmade mug with hot cocoa or tea // 2. Vintage platter with baked goods // 3. Carafe with a bottle of wine

3. Handmade candles in yogurt jars // 4. Flowers in a thrifted vase or pitcher // 5. Pages from thrifted books for cards

Gifts with a Shelf Life

Gifts that have a limited lifespan are great options for those hard-to-shop-for friends and family members, as they can spend time enjoying them without the potential guilt of wanting to donate or get rid of them after a period of time. Think edible items like baked goods, chocolates, artisan salts, honey, wine or spirits, as well as soaps, candles, and fresh flowers. A gift card for a favorite restaurant or other fun experience is another excellent option.

While gifts can be a fun and special way to celebrate the holidays, nothing beats quality time spent with the ones you love. Here's to a wonderful holiday season!


This post is not sponsored or in partnership with any of the aforementioned brands, and there are no affiliate links included. All opinions are my own.



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