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Wardrobe Essentials: Clogs & Mules

Fall is here! It's always such a refreshing time, with the crisp air, vibrant colors, and what feels like the start of a new year in a way. One of my favorite things about fall, though, is being able to pull out my sweaters, jeans, and mules, clogs, and boots. It's always enjoyable to "shop" my own closet, and get to wear all of the things that have been tucked away all summer. I've grown really fond of mules and clogs in particular over the last few years. They can effortlessly dress up an outfit, are comfortable, and are great for transitional weather. Below I've included some great inspiration photos, my favorite mules and clogs, my go-to fall outfits, and some other great mule and clog options if you're in the market this season.

My Mules and Clogs

1. Medium-Heeled Mule: I invested in this pair of Paloma Mules from Nisolo a couple of years ago. They are amazingly comfortable, go with everything in my closet, and can be dressed up or down. They might be my favorite shoes right now. They come in a few other colors, too!

Outfit details: The jeans, belt, and shirt are all Madewell

2. High-Heeled Mule: I found these at TJ Maxx a number of years ago, and they have been great for when I want to look a little nicer for going out to dinners.

Outfit details: The dress is from Gap

3. Flat Mule: I wanted a really comfortable, no-heel option, and these Jutti Mules from Toms have been perfect. I sprayed them with a protective spray because they are light in color and I didn't want them getting dirty really fast, and it seems to have helped a lot. One of the reviews described them feeling like slippers and I was sold.

Outfit details: The shirt is from Madewell, and the jeans are Free People

4. Low-Heeled Mule: I got these Glennie Mules from Lucky Brand on sale a few years ago. I like having suede options for a bit of texture when putting together an outfit. I like these because they are really versatile and comfortable, and the lower heel makes them a bit more casual.

Outfit details: The shirt is Madewell, and the jeans are Free People

5. Heeled Clog: I have been really happy with The Clog from Everlane. I love that they give a little height and have more of a traditional clog look. They are really light, comfortable, and go with everything. The wood also looks really nice in person. It also comes in brown and a woven tan color.

Outfit details: The jeans, belt, and shirt are Madewell

6. High-Heeled Clog: My sister got me these Madewell clogs years ago- they don't make them anymore but they pop up on Ebay or Poshmark every once in a while. I love a good wooden-heeled clog!

Outfit details: The sweater is Madewell, I got the hat at an antique shop in PA, and the jeans are Free People

Other Clogs & Mules I Love

Leather Care


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