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Cary and I were so excited to visit Denmark and Sweden in December. Neither of us had ever been to Scandinavia and, although we knew we would like it, we LOVED it. The food, the culture, the design, the landscape - we loved it all so much and are already thinking about when we can go back. Below are some of the places we got to visit in Copenhagen. We highly recommend this beautiful city and would go back in a heartbeat!

The picture above is Noma, considered to be one of the very best restaurants in the world. We weren't able to eat there, but even the grounds are worth seeing as they are so beautiful.


Danish Design Museum

I've put this at the top of the list because, not only was it a lovely museum that I could consider a must-see, but also because Denmark is known for it's beautiful design. The beautiful furniture, architecture, colors, and lines all around the city, and the clear effort and care they put into everything they do, was the highlight of the trip for me.

Ny Carsberg Glyptotek

We didn't spend a lot of time in this museum, but it's free to visit and has a some really special exhibits. I also really love the atrium full of plants in the middle of the building. Worth popping in even if you aren't a big museum person.

Thorvaldsens Museum

Although this museum isn't free I'd say it's worth a visit. Thorvaldsen is known for his life-and larger-than-life-sized sculptures, and this places is packed with them. This museum is right across the river from the iconic Nyhavn canal with all of the pretty, colorful buildings right on the water.

Little Mermaid Statue

The stories of Hans Christian Andersen are near and dear to my heart and a big part of my childhood, so visiting the Little Mermaid statue was a priority. It's so beautiful, worth a visit!


Old town area + Christmas markets

The old town area is really lovely and has great shopping and, during the holidays, Christmas markets and string lights everywhere!

Ditte Fischer

My favorite new discovery! Ditte Fischer is a Copenhagen-based ceramicist that makes some of the most beautiful handmade porcelain pieces. My vase from their shop is one of my favorite pieces I own.

Illums Bolighus

While this is really just a department store, I was shocked to find that they cary so many of my favorite Scandinavian designers. So fun for browsing!

Hansen & Son

We stumbled across the Hansen & Son storefront, one of my favorite Danish designers. Was such a treat to see some of these pieces in person.


Though there weren't too many (affordable) vintage shops in Copenhagen, this was my favorite. A really beautiful selection of vintage lighting, furniture, and art. Sadly they might have closed down after we went.

Vintage shopping

While there weren't many secondhand or vintage shops with affordable prices, we had the most luck finding them on Ravnsborggade, around where it intersects with Ravnsborg Tværgade. There were a few cute stores with some fun items.


A lovely street lined with string lights that has a number of nice shops, right across the street from the Assistens Cemetery.


Assistens Cemetery

This is a really big, beautiful cemetery that is worth walking through. You can find Hans Christian Anderson's grave amongst some other famous folks.


This park was a bit of a walk to get to but we enjoyed getting out of the city center a bit for some pretty green space and to see some different neighborhoods.

Food + drink


Top food recommendation! There are two large greenhouse-like structures with lots of prepared and fresh food vendors. It's great for a group as there are so many different (delicious) options to choose from. Great for lunch or dinner.

Restaurant Barr

This was on the fancier/pricier end, but probably the best meal we had in Copenhagen. Really nice atmosphere and delicious food.


Empirical is a distillery started by some former employees of Noma. They have really interesting spirits and an enjoyable and informative tour and tasting.

Paludan Bog & Café

A sweet cafe/book store in the old town area.

Andersen & Maillard coffee shop

We came here after walking out to Fælledparken - really nice atmosphere and yummy treats and coffee drinks.

A few other places we tried and liked:

Ruby - swanky cocktail bar

Lidkoeb - low-key cocktail bar

Oysters & Grill - cozy restaurant with seafood dishes

Broens Gadekøkken - outdoor food court with an ice skating rink

Landbageriet - bakery with gluten free items


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