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My Year-Round Wardrobe Essentials

My Wardrobe Essentials

Below are the types of pieces that I keep out and use all year round. The seasonal items, such as shorts and summer blouses for the warm months and heavy coats, sweaters, and snow boots for the cold months, I keep stored under our bed in the off-season. One of my goals for my wardrobe is for most items to be appropriate for the entire year. I've included a list of what I consider to be year-round essentials here, not including shoes, accessories, workout clothes, and underwear.


  1. V-Neck Tee: I have these basic tees in a variety of colors - white, black, grey, blue, and green. I wear them almost every day with jeans or shorts. Comfortable and simple.

  2. Crew Neck Tee: Same as the v-neck tee, I have them in a variety of colors and wear them interchangeably with the v-necks.

  3. Striped Tee: I always have a couple striped tees around. It's nice to switch things up, and gives a bit of variety to my daily uniform without going too crazy.

  4. Long Sleeve Tee: I have these in a variety of colors as well, and wear these most days in the cooler months. Great for layering.

  5. Denim Shirt: I love Madewell's line of wrap tops. I got this denim one a few years back - I don't think they make it anymore, unfortunately. I love a good denim shirt, and the wrap style gives it a bit more of a feminine, dressed-up look. I also have a few button-up chambray and denim shirts (this one is similar) that I love in the spring and fall.

  6. Button-up Shirt: I have button-up shirts in a few different fabrics - this linen one from H&M is great. I also have a few in white cotton, olive cotton, and denim/chambray. Button-ups are great and really versatile - appropriate for work or every day.

  7. Long Sleeve Blouse: I like having a few different long sleeve blouses around for when I want to look a bit nicer in the fall, winter, or spring. They are work or conference appropriate, but can also be worn out to diner or to a party. This is another one of Madewell's wrap-style shirts. It seems like they always have a couple versions of this style (like this one or this one).

  8. Short Sleeve Blouse: Short sleeve and sleeveless blouses are great for warmer weather, or for layering, when you want to look a bit nicer, but could still be worn with jeans for a more casual-yet-put-together look. I try to have at least 4-5 options to choose from (I recently got this one from H&M).


  1. Black Jeans: I love a good pair of black jeans. They can be casual or dressed-up, and are really flattering. I always keep at least two pairs in my closet.

  2. White Jeans: While I don't wear white jeans too often (I am an expert at spilling tomato sauce on everything), I have this pair that I will wear if we go to the movies, out to dinner, or to a party. If I could wear white all the time I think I would be really happy but would go through clothes a lot quicker!

  3. Medium/Dark Jeans: Everyone needs a pair of perfect-fitting dark jeans in their closet all year round. I've had really good luck with this style of Lucky Brand jeans for my figure. Madewell has some great options as well.

  4. Light Jeans: To me, light-wash jeans feel a bit more seasonal, but I keep them around in the colder months too. I love how they look with white tops.


  1. T-shirt Dress: You can't go wrong with a basic t-shirt dress. It goes with everything and is appropriate for a variety of situations. They are also great for traveling - they don't take up much space, are comfortable, and, again, go with everything.

  2. Wrap Dress: I really like versatile clothing, and this dress is a great example. I can dress it up or down, I've worn it out to both restaurants and weddings. I do rotate through one or two more formal options, but I keep something like this around all the time.


  1. Cotton Sweater: I have three cotton sweaters similar to this one in white, grey, and olive green. They are perfect for winter layering or on their own in spring, summer, and fall.

  2. Fleece: I love this fleece. It's a really popular one from Patagonia, and for good reason. Perfect for layering, outdoor activities, or wearing around the house.

  3. Rain Jacket: I've had different versions of this same waterproof shell since high school. It's light weight and can be thrown over any other layers you have on.

  4. Olive Jacket: I like having an olive jacket to add a little color to an outfit, and it's a great lighter-weight option for cool nights during the summer or warm days during the spring and fall.

  5. Jean Jacket: I think everyone needs a good quality jean jacket. I recently got this one from Levi's and plan to have it forever!

  6. Light Down Jacket: This is my second light down jacket from Patagonia. My first started falling apart after a few years and they were able to replace it for free. While I don't use it for the few really hot months out of the year, I always have it available.


This post is not sponsored or in partnership with any of the aforementioned brands but the article contains affiliate links. When you shop via the links above I may make commission on a sale at no additional cost to you. All opinions are my own.



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