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Home Essentials: Kitchen & Dining Linens

I've gotten questions about the kitchen and dining linens we use, so I figured I would write a little post about them. We are all about only buying things we both use and love around here; every purchase is intentional and we do a lot of research before committing to bringing new things into the house.

I have been wanting a complete, beautiful, and practical collection of linens to use in the kitchen and dining room, and I think we've hit our sweet spot. While everyone's needs are different (you may be comfortable with more or less than we have), we have just enough to have options and not run out before laundry day while also not more than we have space for. Below I've included the pieces we own as well as some others that look really great.

Essential Kitchen & Dining Linens

  1. White linen tablecloths (2): I've always dreamed of white linens in the dining room! We mainly use these on special occasions or for nicer meals, but I'll pull one out once in a while if I'm feeling fancy.

  2. Grey chambray tablecloths (2): This is our everyday tablecloth. Most days we keep this tablecloth on the table to protect the wood from scratches or sweating glasses, I also think it looks nice with our decor. We have two of them so we can rotate if one gets dirty.

  3. White linen napkins (12): As with the white tablecloth, we pull these out on special occasions or when Cary and I share a nice meal. While they can stain because they're white, I've been able to keep them in good shape by spraying them with a stain remover (see my post on laundry tips and tricks here) and washing right after using them.

  4. Grey linen blend napkins (12): These are our every day napkins. They are a bit darker and have a heather texture, which hides stains well. We got them a few months ago and have loved them.

  5. Grey cocktail napkins (similar) (12): We have a set of CB2 linen cocktail napkins that were on clearance a few years back, but these look very similar. We like using these to put drinks or small snacks on.

  6. Cotton dish towels (15): We really like these dish towels from Ikea - they are really cheap, sturdy, and absorbent. While there are some gorgeous dish towel options out there, we are so hard on our dish towels that I wanted to stick with an affordable and, if necessary, disposable option.

  7. Flour sack towels (15-20): We have significantly cut back on our paper towel usage in recent years. While we still keep them around for particularly gross messes, we primarily use these flour sack towels for every-day cleaning. We use them for cleaning counters, furniture, floors, etc. Just throw them in the wash and they're good as new!

  8. Oven mitts (2): While I was tempted to buy prettier oven mitts, we decided to go with a more practical silicone option. These are really great for protecting your hands from high temperatures and can go in the washing machine, too.

Other Great Options




Dish Towels

Oven Mitts


Additional resource links:

All silver pieces in the photo above are my grandparents', and the carafes are thrifted


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